Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance should be a regular part of keeping access control systems properly functioning. For those customers requiring outsourced maintenance, we can develop customer-specific access system preventative maintenance contracts (PMC). Maintenance for access control systems will vary depending on the type of system, location and customer requirements.

Some considerations are:

  • Quantity of use for access control points
  • Environmental impact on electronic devices
  • Customer maintenance department capabilities
  • Age of system and software update frequency
  • Batteries for emergency backup systems

  • PMC frequency can be dictated by the customer as pricing is based upon a "per service" basis. Customer requirements can vary greatly based upon the campus size and complexity so we are flexible with our PMC crew scheduling. Some of the preventative maintenance can be performed remotely and some require an onsite visit, so we also offer flexibility in how to perform the PMC service calls.

  • PMC Customers receive discounts for parts and 24/7 emergency service rates

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