Visitor Management Systems
Visitor Management
Visitor Management
Visitor management requirements vary greatly depending on facilities and user requirements. Systems can be complex and highly secure to simple and automated:

  • Concierge attended system with visitor database
  • Gate attended system with visitor database
  • Intercom to attendant systems

  • Guest Entry Phone systems
  • VoIP or POTS line systems for call-in only

  • Guest Pass systems with attendant or automated pass readers

  • Visitor management systems can also vary depending on the level of security required:

  • Security staff screening of all visitors
  • Employee or Resident authorization of visitors

  • Manned attendant or automated system electronics
  • Attendant to confirm visitors is most secure
    Automated electronics for numeric code entry
    Automated scanner system for barcode/QR code entry

  • Site Server or Cloud Based Software

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